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Play bill pictures and gushing - A Tale of Two Cities

wagrobanite posting in A Tale of Two Cities
User: ataleof2cities (posted by wagrobanite)
Date: 2008-10-23 15:52
Subject: Play bill pictures and gushing
Security: Public
Music:Full house

James Barbour signed my Aunt's playbill

The Playbill of Aaron Lazar's new play. It's amazing!

Book, Music, and Lyrics  author Jill Santoriello signed it!

My Aunt and uncle really wanted to get Aaron's autograph for me because they know I"m a huge fan but because he was sick during the week of openings, he didn't come out (which I'm totally okay with LOL), one of the ushered suggested that my aunt and uncle sent a play bit to the theatre and they would try to get the whole cast to sign it for me.

This is the back of the play bill they sent, with a ticket too :)

And now the Piece de resistance!:

arg.. stupid glare... otherwise, i'm like freakin' out just a little... Aaron touched it...James Barbour touched two things... *dies of broadwayness*
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