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A Tale of Two Cities

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Here is a community for all those who adore Charles Dickens' famous novel A Tale of Two Cities. You may also post about other adaptations such as one of the movies or the upcoming Broadway production. I will be making an extensive rule list out as the community grows, but here are the rules thus far:

1. This is a community for A Tale of Two Cities. Therefore, you must at least like the novel or one of the adaptations in some way or another. If you dislike the story, why would you be here?

2. Please be respectful to the other members of the community. Naturally people aren't always going to agree, but the least you can do is act civil about it.

3. I ask that you keep character and ship bashing out of the community. If you are not fond of a certain character or ship, it is probably best not to mention this in the community. If you want to rant and rave about characters and ships, you have your own journal to do that in.

4. All fans may join us. I will not tolerate fans being turned away, because they have not read the novel. If they prefer one of the movies or the new musical, they are still allowed to join us.

5. Please place icons and other fanworks behind a cut. Previews for graphics and fanart are allowed so long as they don't clutter up the page.

6. I regretfully ask that you do not share bootlegs here. Unfortunately, there are these little rats called snitches in the world, and I wouldn't want to community to be deleted if one of them tells.